Welcome to HITEC Taxila

From Administrator’s Desk


Commodore(Retd) Muhammad Sohail Ahmed SI(M) T.Bt Administrator HITEC

Dear Parent,

I am indeed grateful that you are considering HITEC as one of the choices for your child(ren)’s education.

HITEC has been established to cater for the educational needs of the 21st century students. HITEC is a one-stop centre of excellent education, where all efforts are made to provide a quality education. It aims to provide a balanced blend of initiative, liberty and guidance to students and enable them to realize their full potential while adhering to our cultural and moral values.

HITEC aims at providing quality education, comparable to the best in the country, at an affordable cost to the parents. It does not restrict itself to academics alone, but also undertakes to nurture and groom a student’s personality. This institution boasts a dedicated, well-qualified and experienced faculty, and has well-stocked libraries; and  science and computer laboratories. The campus has a state-of-the-art swimming pool, a gymnasium and facilities for a vast variety of indoor and outdoor games. HITEC also offers excellent boarding facilities both for boys and girls.

The social and cultural milieu at HITEC is diverse, yet it provides an excellent opportunity for developing a national cohesion and unity among its students. HITEC offers its students the best available facilities and grooms a forward-looking mindset to enable the young to realize their potentials and to grow into self-respecting, and self-confident patriotic Pakistanis.